Remove ANG Antivirus 09 – How to Automatically Remove ANG Antivirus 09

Looking to remove ANG Antivirus 09? If your computer has been getting bombarded with fake security alert popups saying that you have an infection or that malware activity has been detected and you need to run ANG Antivirus in order to protect yourself, then you are already infected with dangerous spyware. Here's what you need to know in order to automatically remove ANG Antivirus 09 for good. ANG Antivirus 09 uses the fake security alerts mentioned above in an attempt to scare you into purchasing a bogus version of security software. And while the alerts and popups themselves are fake, the irony is that you really do have a spyware infection – but ANG Antivirus is actually the infecting program. All of this is part of an elaborate hoax by hackers and cybercriminals to scam you out of money. There are numerous other "scare ware" programs out there that are designed to do the same thing to you, and unfortunately many of them are succeeding. But the problem is much worse than simply scamming you out $ 30 or $ 40 for a bogus antispyware program because spyware threats like ANG Antivirus 09 are designed to also log keystrokes and monitor your internet activity, which is absolutely aimed at gaining access to your personal and private information such as credit cards and bank accounts. On top of that, these threats have become much more difficult to remove because they can morph, or change, and can embed themselves deep within your file system and registry and therefore can outsmart out of the spyware removers out there. Fortunately, there is a spyware removal tool that is able to automatically remove ANG Antivirus 09 with a simple scan and removal process. This award winning program also provides advanced real time protection – meaning that it has the ability to block future attempts by spyware and malware before it ever gets the chance to infect your computer in the first place.

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Your AdSense Statistics – How To Understand and Calculate Them

OK – so you’ve got a great content web site and you’ve decided to monetize it with Google AdSense. You place the AdSense Code on your web site and immediately start getting clicks.Soon after, you decide to visit your account to see just how much money you’ve made. You get there to view your reports and then – Bamm! It hits you. Just what the heck do all those numbers mean anyway?Well, worry not my fellow net entrepreneurs. Below is a quick breakdown of those numbers and what they mean in layman’s terms.Page ImpressionsYour Page Impressions are simply the number of times your web pages are viewed. Of course, this number only refers to those pages that contain your code for AdSense.Think of one impression as a display – every single time your web pages are displayed, your impressions go up. It’s the same thing. In terms of money, the more impressions or displays you get, the higher the chance you have of making more money.ClicksThis is the actual number of times that your ads are clicked upon. Thus, each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of your ads, it is recorded as a Click.Every Page Impression you receive is an opportunity for one of your ads to get clicked. In terms of money, the more Clicks you get – the more money you can make with AdSense.Page CTRYour Page CTR refers to your web page’s Click Through Rate. Your Page’s CTR, or Click Through Rate, is the ratio of the number of Clicks you receive versus the number of your Page Impressions. The number is expressed in a percentage and is calculated by taking your Page Impressions and dividing them by your Clicks (# of Clicks / # of Page Impressions).For example, if you have 2000 Page Impressions and received 400 Clicks, your Page CTR would be 20%. Now for you math wizards out there; once you have your CTR, you can pretty much figure out your Impressions and Clicks by using some simple mathematics.Thus, you can figure out your Page Impressions by taking the number of Clicks and dividing it over your CTR (i.e.: # Clicks / CTR%). You can figure out your number of Clicks by taking your Page Impressions and multiplying it by your CTR (i.e.: # Impressions x CTR%).OK, moving on…Page eCPMThis is where things start getting interesting.Your Page eCPM refers to your Effective (the “e”) Cost Per Thousand Impressions (the “CPM”). Yes, I know. “CPM” is not quite an accurate English acronym for “Cost Per Thousand Impressions”. The reason is because the acronym uses the Latin for “Thousand”; i.e.: “MIL”.Anyway, Google defines your eCPM for AdSense as “… a useful way to compare revenue across different channels and advertising programs”. I won’t stray from that definition, however, there might be a better way for you to understand this number. Let me put it to you this way: basically, by the time you reach 1000 Page Impressions, you would have earned the amount stated in the eCPM. Got it?You calculate the eCPM by taking your earnings and dividing it by the number of Page Impressions you receive in Thousands (i.e.: $Earnings / (Page Impressions / 1000))To get a good understanding of your eCPM, allow me to illustrate how it’s calculated.Let’s say you earned $250 and got 15,000 Page Impressions. Taking the 15,000 and dividing that by 1000 you get 15. Now, taking your $250 in earnings and dividing that by 15 you get $16.67. Thus, your eCPM is $16.67.Now, remember earlier that I said that by the time you got 1000 Page Impressions you’d earn the amount in your eCPM. Well, if you do a little math, you’d see that for every 1000 impressions you received, you earned the amount in your eCPM ($16.67 x 15 = $250.05).EarningsOf all the numbers you’ll see in your AdSense account, this by far, is the most fun and easiest to understand. Your Earnings are just that: what you’ve earned with AdSense. It’s how much money you get to put in your pocket. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?But wait. We’re not out of the wood just yet.There is still one more number you need to know about that they don’t show in your AdSense account: your Earnings Per Click.Earnings Per ClickYour Earnings Per Click or EPC is simply the average amount of money you make per Click you receive. It’s calculated by taking your Earnings and dividing it by the number of Clicks you get.For example, if you earn $250 and you received a total of 500 Clicks, then your EPC would be $.50 per Click.There you have it folks: a quick and easy to understand guide on Google AdSense Statistics. And now that you understand them, your next goal should be to earn more money.Copyright 2008.

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Spammers Are Bummers

Even though many authors and speakers have already said over and over again to avoid
spamming there are still hundreds of marketers doing it. Why? Is it really worth the time and
effort just to get delivered into spam?Spamming is like trespassing in real world, in short you are not allowed in wherever that
may be. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t spam. And I know you might have
heard a lot of it but I’ll just write it down anyways so that you are reminded.o Your chance to be read is .01% or lessThat’s almost nothing. Spam folders are known to have trash emails. Only a few people
look into it and most of the time they are probably only looking for something that their
friends have mistakenly sent. Good on you if you catch their attention and make them open
it. But that would be like wishing for a rain in dry season or wishing for a sun at midnight.Now, there are a lot of opt-in lists for sale, do not get hooked on it. Because some of them
are just random emails, or something that do not even exist already. If you want your email
marketing to be fruitful then work hard for your opt-in list, offer free membership, or free
ebook, whatever you fancy just work it out yourself, do not ask for a free ride, because the
consequences are not worth it.o You can get bannedIn forums, spammers get banned, so if you try to spam to get a sale immediately then your
existence on that particular forum would also be finished immediately. And often you’ll also
be black listed on other forums as well, so before you try on spamming, think twice first,
and make sure that you think ahead, not just on what you can get now but on what you can
have in the future. So if you really want to create traffic using forums, then you should try
earning their trust first by posting relevant stuff before telling / selling them your products.Forums are for making friends that will eventually be your customers, not making customers
then eventually will be your friends.o You might get penalizedSome unethical Internet marketers created something called “link farms”. The idea was
quite simple a huge network of servers linking to various sites that in theory would increase
your links in thus increase your popularity. But search engines have also created something
that could detect legitimate links, which makes link farms some sort of a spam. Some are
even penalized by search engines by having so much links to websites that are not related
to them. The best way to get around this is to work a little harder though it might consume
much more time, but your efforts will soon be rewarded with higher spots on search
engines and legitimate spots as well.Spamming as they say is illegal, though it requires lesser work but often get
flushed out the toilet, unread and unwanted. That is not how internet marketing works,
it’s called business because you work for every little bit of it, but is paid off with every little
cent as well. So, I say, spamming is only for bummers, it is for those who are too lazy to be
successful, for those who doesn’t learn, don’t be one of them. Don’t spam.

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Best Male Enhancement – Truth About It

Caliplus male enhancement is very active and rapid in its function of male enhancement. The formula is definitely an exclusive blend of herbs and extracts, which facilitate you to feel and encounter better overall performance in your sexual actions, than ever before. Actually, it begins to function just after half an hour of consumption, but your sexual wish and overall performance degree is at the peak mode, all through day and night, in other words, full 24 hours. Just after 30 minutes, you would be prepared to unleash all the sexual potential that had been impeded due to some reasons.The powerful components include extract of watermelon skin, eurycoma langfolia, pygeum africanum, butea excellent, horny goat weed, muira pauma, maca, saffron, astragalus, manyprickle, tribulus, amylum, cnidium monnier, schizandra panax, verbena officinalis, catuba bark, ginseng, avena sativa, cayenne, ginger root, gelatin, magnesium stearate from veggies and water. They work inside a synergy and produce astonishing result towards the men who expect intense overall performance in their sexual deeds.Caliplus male enhancement is created below high standard of production procedure and with absolute hygiene. It’s also endorsed by several medical doctors who are specialized in the men’s health. Additional, they suggest this organic product to their patients who are in rummage of enhanced blood flow in the male organ. The study about the crucial ingredient, made through the scientists functioning at A&M University, Texas, confirms that the citrulline power present in watermelons have the power to trigger nitric oxide in the body.Even should you aren’t obvious with the details specified within the official website of Caliplus male enhancement or about the pack from the tablets, you can always contact the consumer care team, who is prepared to answer any kind of query in the clients. They work below the higher ethical value, the consumer satisfaction and hence they attempt their degree best to display you the right way towards sexual overall performance.

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Think About Antivirus Support Services

Computer viruses can spoil your days, months 'or even years' efforts. If you are also one of those who work online, your PC is at risk of being attacked by numerous viruses roaming in cyberspace. So, protect your system against these nasty malware with the help of an effective antivirus software program. There are several necessary things that are required to be check before you install antivirus or install spyware. Make sure that your PC is not virus infected. Such PC security software programs do not work if you install it on a computer that is already infected. Since some type of computer viruses and malware mimics the behavior of different files, the antivirus software may not be able to detect them. Once you ensure that your computer is free from any forms of viruses and spyware, you can now install your anti virus software. In case you are confused regarding which antivirus to buy, you may take help of any online computer repair vendor. They are the masters in handling every issue related to computers and networking. In addition to referring the kind of antivirus you should use, they can also help you with its installation, configuration and time to time upgradation. Always install antivirus or install antispyware under experts' guidance ensure an efficient PC security. These companies have different computer support plans depending upon your personal requirements. Other services available with these online resources are PC health check up, data back-up services, troubleshooting nasty PC blues, basic installation / reinstallation of computer, and maintenance of PCs etc. These services are not just limited to PCs or laptops. There is also the Internet support which is gaining wide popularity among computer enthusiasts. You can consider about availing Internet optimization services to increase Internet speed and run your network as never before. Apart from providing you with antivirus support services, online computer repair companies can also help you with a multitude of technical services. Most of these companies also offer a try-before-you-use plan which is generally free of cost. Another advantage of going with online computer support companies is their 24×7 availability and expertise in handling technical issues and problems.

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How To Make Warhammer Crystals

When you have a cool termagaunt miniature or a beautiful base and you want to add more details on it. How do you wish to add more details to improve its look. Well I’ve got the you a reason to smile now for the Crystals is the best answer for it. Imagine your base that was being added by a crystal on sides, how cool can that be. This time adding not just the crystals on your warhammer bases but also putting on sand as well as painting it to add more variety. In this article you will learn how to make Warhammer crystals that you can add to your base or on any terrain.Materials List-sprues-paint brush-sanding paper-PVA glue (white glue)-assorted paintsStep 1 cutting your spruesThere is no need to buy sprues on the store just extra sprues that you can see in your working area. Cut off a few small pieces from them, just be sure that its pretty clean from its markings or numbers that was place on your sprues. Because sprues usually comes up with on it. Crystals with any markings on it specially numbers will look quite off. So just double check the sprues that you will use for your crystals.Step 2 Sand and ShapeAfter you have your sprues already, begin sanding your sprues into crystal shaped pieces. Imagine that you will put your sprues on the bases of your warhammer miniature so the size will be quite small.Step 3 Glue crystals to baseWhen you have your sprues sanded and shaped like crystals, glue a couple crystals to random areas of your base or anywhere you like. Crystals that are glued on an angle give your warhammer base an added touch that looks great.Step 4 Glue sandNext, brush on PVA glue (whit glue) onto the rest of your warhammer base and sprinkle on fine sand, and then after sprinkling shake off excess sand that did not stick onto the glue. Then leave it to dry for few minutesStep 5 Painting crystalsWhen it is already dry, its time to paint your crystals. Begin by applying your first base coat of color to your crystals. Lets just use a liche purple color paint so that it will be easily recognized. Next, dry brush warlock purple, and then tentacle pink. After dry brushing, give it few more minutes to dry, after that add a wash blue ink. Make sure to water down the blue ink, otherwise it’ll saturate the crystal leaving you with no visible undercoats.Step 6 Paint the sand (optional)I f you have some time left and still want to add more beauty to your warhammer, this suggestion can be done. You can paint the sand aside from the crystals, to give good contrast dry brush your sand by codex gray paint. Make sure to leave some of the natural color showing through. And finish it off by lightly dry brushing some skull white.

Source by Matthew I. Glanfield

Fry Up Some Spam – Tips to Alleviate the Nightmare That is Your Inbox

I’m sure you’ve read that Spam accounts for roughly 90-95% of all email. If you haven’t read this, read the previous sentence again because it’s a fact according to Barracuda Networks. Only 5-10% of the email that reaches the average inbox is supposed to be there. This isn’t good from an identity theft perspective considering spammers aren’t the most ethical bunch.Sure, email has its upsides. How did we ever live without the occasional crude joke from a well-meaning brother-in-law or “friendly reminders” from the phone company that our bill is twelve seconds passed due? Unfortunately, those upsides come with the aforementioned bad sides: Spammers love clogging your inbox with offers to increase certain parts of your anatomy and decrease others. It’s just so darn cost-effective for them compared to buying stamps and annoying you the old-fashioned way.Just What Exactly Counts as Spam Anyway?There are two basic types of spam:(1) nuisance emails – these are the most abundant, your typical run-of-the-mill offers for cheap blue pills, sultry ladies of the night waiting just for you, and various other things that are just too good to be true.(2) malicious emails – As a writer of an identity theft blog, these are of most concern to me. These spamtastic little devils are out for one thing and one thing only: to deceive you out of your money or your personal information. One common malicious email type is know as a phishing attack. This is when a spammer disguises his email as though it came from a credible source, such as a common store, website, or financial institution.Not only can spam be dangerous, but it can cause you to miss emails you actually wanted to read. How many times have you accidentally deleted an email only to realize later that it was from a trusted source? How many times have you not received a wanted email because your spam filter acted liked an overprotective mother?How Did Those Unscrupulous Yahoos Find My Email Address Anyway?Honestly? You gave it to them. Well, maybe not directly. Did you fill out a form online? Did you post to a forum? Did you sign up for a mailing list of some sort? Spammers search the Internet for such address, typically using harvesting software to do it form them (spammers are tremendously lazy…that’s why they are spammers).Of course, some websites sell your information to third parties who, in turn, sell your information to fourth parties and so on until it gets into the hands of a spammer.I Pay My Taxes! Why Hasn’t Uncle Sam Put an End to These Shenanigans?!Easy there, big fella. The Federal Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (CAN-SPAM, clever, no?) requires unsolicited commercial e-mail messages to be labeled and to provide instructions on how the recipient can opt-out. The law also requires the spammer to provide its physical address and discontinue the use of deceptive subject lines and false headers on the messages.Here’s something nifty: if you receive a piece of spam that doesn’t comply with the laws, just forward it to to unleash the full, unbridled fury of the Federal government upon the poor, unsuspecting spammer. Well, “unbridled fury” might be a bit of an overstatement, but the email will at least be logged and used to help track down spammers. I setup a folder in my inbox to automatically forward any email placed in it to the government email address. That way it’s just as easy to report spam as it is to delete it.That’s Great, but What Can I Do?Your ISP or email host is already working behind the scenes to screen out a great deal of spam sent your way. Further, a properly setup spam filter is keeping another layer of spam from hitting your inbox. Of course, if this was enough you would have to clean out your inbox every morning.Here are a few ideas to clean up the clutter:1. Don’t open it. Don’t you dare open an email unless you know the sender. There could be malicious code in there. There could also be a graphic that contains a script that alerts the spammer that you opened the email. This tells them that the address is good. You are now about to get hit with a spamvalanche (if you didn’t catch my poor attempt at humor, that’s an avalanche of spam).2. Don’t click the link! That link could call some seriously nasty code or alert the spammer of the validity of your address. Neither are good. (This won’t be an issue if you heed #1.)3. Don’t Automatically Delete Your Junk Folder. If you use filtering software, be sure the rejected messages are sent to a special folder other than your email “trash” basket. Your overprotective spam filter might mistake Uncle Bill’s chili recipe email for spam. You know you’re dying to know what the secret ingredient is. (It’s chocolate, by the way.)4. Have a backup e-mail account(s). Use throw-away email accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo or (great free email account!) for everything other than family, friends and your most trusted consumer and business contacts. You’ll still get spam, but it won’t be in your primary account.5. Make your email address unique. Again, spammers are lazy. They will bombard servers with combinations of common words and names. Numbers and symbols trip them up.6. Don’t email the spammer to give him a piece of your mind. Again, this just tells him you exist. Further, don’t give out any of your information in any way in any medium to a spammer. Don’t call a phone number in the email, nor leave information on a website linked in the email.7. Consider using disposable online addresses. This goes a step further than #4. Setup separate email addresses for each individual newsletter or service and forward all mail from those addresses to your main account. Just suspend the use of any address that starts receiving spam and abandon it. Better yet, try out (A free service which I am in no way related.)8. Remove e-mail addresses from your Web site. If you list or link to your email address, you are likely to be spammed by address-harvesting robots. If you must include your e-mail address on the site, try posting it written out in words (“example at domain dot com”) instead of That way a human user can understand the correct address, but a robot may not recognize it as such.9. Report spammers to their domain. Most e-mail accounts have an anti-spam requirement in their terms of service. For example, here is Yahoo’s Anti-Spam Policy: defeating spam is a difficult task without breaching the freedom allowed by the Internet. Policing spam too drastically could make it increasingly difficult to receive non-spam email. Realistically it is up to the individual to take responsibility. Spam would die a quick death if it wasn’t profitable. Don’t allow yourself to be a part of the problem by instigating spammers with uninformed actions.

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How to Speed Up Google Chrome

One of the fastest browsers available online is Chrome. Although it performs well most of the times but sometimes it starts to malfunction suddenly. Many users have reported multiple errors related to this browser. A few of these problems are that Chrome runs slow, it crashes, Flash Player does not work properly with the browser and also that it redirects to some unwanted web sites. All these problems including how to speed up Google Chrome are intertwined and can be fixed through a unified approach.As there are too many problems occurring in Chrome, the slow speed of the browser is easiest to fix. Normally tuning up internal Windows settings and removing the browsers junk result in improved browser speed.If Google Chrome running slow in your computer then follow these tips: 1 > Clean Windows Registry This technique will not only speed up Google Chrome but also fix most browser and computer errors resulting from the internal corruption in the Windows registry. The registry is a very important component and too much load in this area can make browser slow as well as cause it to crash or freeze frewuently. You should first of all do this thing in order to speed up the Chrome.2 > Clean Chrome Junk As we browse, there continuously accumulates browser junk which include internet history files, download history, cookies and temporary internet files. This junk data shall be removed daily to enjoy faster browsing. Although you can use the Chrome’s internal option to remove this data but it is wise to use an external application such as a computer optimization software. Such a software can not only clean Chrome’s junk in a faster way but also fix the registry errors.3 > Delete Excessive Add-ons The add-ons also called extensions in Google Chrome are quite useful. However, some of these extensions are notorious and can make Chrome slow. Not only this some of the extensions are also found to be behind the freezing and crashing issues with this browser.It is wise to delete those add-ons which are not frequently used. This, in addition to cleaning registry and browser junk, can easily speed up Google Chrome. 4 > Clean Windows Junk Files There is also a huge junk files data that gathers inside the Windows. This data can slow down your web browser. It is a good habit to regularly remove this data from time to time through some good PC optimization tool.

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ClamAV Removal – How to Uninstall Clam Antivirus in Seconds

Clam Antivirus is an open source (GPL) antivirus toolkit developed for UNIX, and it has third party versions available for AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, OpenVMS, OSF, Solaris and Mac OS X. This program is able to detect various types of malicious software, including virus. It is designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways. However, sometimes for some reason, you may need to uninstall Clam Antivirus, and manually conducting a clean ClamAV is difficult.A few weeks ago, I tried to update my ClamAV to the newer version, but I failed. Then I decided to uninstall it and set up the newer one. After I went to Add/Remove programs list through the Start menu and uninstalled this antivirus, I found in my TEMP folder Clam Antivirus is leaving behind lots of temp folders. ClamWin is not cleaning up files in the temp directory when it decompresses an archive file that is scanning for viruses. So you need to delete all of them when uninstalling this antivirus.You can erase them manually, and below is the instructions:The following are the kinds of files that are being left behind in the TEMP directory. The names are different but they are still similar. The directories left contained files. So as you can imagine, these would add up space-wise over time.Directory: clamav-0585b8952d374a7ddcc0a551ff27e423.fff63b03.clamtmpDirectory: clamav-ad6d970ba9f3b1e7b534a733bbc2c6c7.fff63b03.clamtmpFile: ClamWin_Upadte_TimeFile: ClamWin1.logFile: ClamWin2.logFile: ClamWin3.logOf course, if you have no certainty to fully uninstall ClamAV by the method above, you can try another way. A good automate removal tool also can help you delete this entire antivirus in seconds with hassle free.There is actually a fantastic removal tool that can help you fully uninstall and remove Clam Antivirus with great success and make sure all the now-defunct Registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically with a few clicks. Aside from this software, it can also completely remove other programs like Authentium, Norton, Trend Micro antivirus, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Office, and similar programs.

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